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Welcome everybody and thank you for joining AetherCon's very own Housing Item Auction. This page will contain the event rules as well as the catalogue of housing items that are up for auction.


  • The event is free for everybody. There is no preregistration or fee required to join the auction.

  • Please make sure to queue up in the front yard of the event location in a manageable line. A member of the staff will grant you entry into the location one by one until the maximum number of people is reached.

  • Like last year, this will be a timed auction to counteract stream delay and other things. An example on how it will look like is on the picture to the right.

  • You are allowed to use the “Say” chat during the whole event. Please make sure to keep the “Yell/”Shout” chat free for the auctioneer and the bids.

  • Only bids said via “Shout” chat will be registered as a valid bid.

  • There is a set increment for bids. It is 1,000 (one thousand) gil, meaning only bids that beat the current leader by a multiple of 1,000 (for example 1,000 -> 3,000, 3,000 -> 4,000, 4,000 -> 12,000) will be accepted.

  • If you win an auction item, a member of the staff will approach you after the auction and instruct you how to use the mannequin to finalize your winning bid. In the meantime, please be seated in the Winner’s Lounge for easier identification after the auction.

  • Should the winning bidder not be able to finish the trade for any reason, the winning bid will go to the second highest bidder etc..

  • You are allowed to win only one auction.

Auction Guide Screenshot
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