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Have you been slaving over making a cosplay for months? Well join the cosplay contest to show us the product of your hard work!

Signups Open: July 12

Deadline: Sept. 1

Submission Rules

  • This is a craftsmanship competition. Purchased accessories and props are ok, but you must have made at least 75% of the costume yourself.

  • Design must be from Final Fantasy XIV. Warriors of Light, NPCs, bosses, and creatures of all types are welcome as long as they’re in the game.

  • Your costume cannot have already received awards from another contest.

  • Your entry must include at least one (full body) finished photo of your costume while worn or on a mannequin. This will be featured when we announce winners.

  • You must have permission from your photographer if submitting photos from a photoshoot.

  • Please provide credits for your photographer and commissioned/purchased pieces (if applicable).

  • There will be a field to explain how you made your costume. Progress photos are encouraged but not required.

  • One entry per person.


Meet our Judges and Sponsors!


Kyle and Malinda are a veteran cosplay duo that have been crafting costumes for almost 20 years and have been part of the FFXIV community since 2014. Both are well-rounded in a wide range of abilities and continue to learn more with every costume made. Over the years they have won numerous awards for their craftsmanship and performances, and they enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. In 2020 they became full-time creatives running their cosplay shop: TurtleSmithy.

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