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Show off your FFXIV Housing decoration beauty and skills by joining the Housing Contest taking place at AetherCon.

Signups Open: July 12

Deadline: Sept. 1

Submission Rules

  • To ensure a fair and even competition for everyone, we decided to limit submissions to Apartments and FC Rooms only. That way everyone has the same space and parameters to work with.

  • Apartments must be on the NA Data Center.

  • The theme for the AetherCon 2024 Housing Competition is: TBA

  • It is up to you how to interpret the theme

  • You can only enter once. Please be sure to review your information fully before submitting.

  • All entry apartments must be created by you without the use of third party tools.

  • The character name on the apartment must match with the name on the entry.

  • You are required to provide a "Housing Tour" video with your entry (60 seconds max, no video edits)

  • Alternatively, you may provide up to 5 screenshots to your entry (NO Image Edits, as in shaders/tools/etc.)

Housing Design
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