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Come join us for the AetherCon Cosplay Contest and show off your cosplay skills!

Signups Open: July 12

Deadline: Sept. 1

Submission Rules

  • Entries are restricted to one person/character per entry.

  • Be creative with your entry!

  • You will be required to name your glamour as part of entering.

  • Only 1 Online Store (Premium) item allowed per glamour.

  • No full armour sets from existing sets in game.

  • Any entries from characters with inappropriate names will immediately be disqualified.

  • Please attend 30 minutes before the event start time and check in with the organizers, information on how to do so will be provided if you are accepted.

  • If there are any problems, please contact us (aka if you’re late so we can move the order)

  • Minions/Pets are allowed if they are a part of your costume, otherwise please de-summon.

  • You will be contacted about your entry within 14 days of the deadline closing on September 1st.

  • Due to timeslot limitations, we can only accept up to 50 contestants.

  • During the contest, all pieces must be worn rather than applied via Glamour mechanics.

  • Contestants will be required to prepare a short macro presentation to be done on stage either describing their outfit or doing a small skit.

  • Accessories will not be judged as part of the overall costume - please bear this in mind when designing your outfit.

  • All entries are finalized

  • Note that your entry may be used in future promotional material for AetherCon

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