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Are you a master of storytelling through the means of emotes with your friends? Join in on the AetherCon Machinima Video Contest!

Signups Open: July 12

Deadline: Sept. 1

Submission Rules

  • Your Machinima will be in video form in 16:9 (either 720p or 1080p) and at least 24fps. You are free to have your video at a higher resolution or frame rate if you wish.

  • All video assets must be from the official FFXIV client, no mods. Video editing filters and effects are okay.

  • All audio assets must either be from FFXIV or totally original, and follow SE’s musical performance guidelines.

  • Avoid usage of copyrighted iconography (ex: a picture of master chief) References are fine as long as it’s all made from in-game assets or original assets (an original drawing of master chief made by those involved in creating the Machinima)

  • If you have dialogue, no harder swears than you’d hear from FFXIV itself

  • Avoid including anything that may spoil FFXIV’s story from the start the 2.1 patches and onwards

  • No longer than 4 minutes

  • Upload the Machinima Video to Youtube

  • Include “AetherCon 2024 Machinima Entry” in the title

  • One entry per person/group

  • All entries on finalized

  • Note that your entry may be used in future promotional material for AetherCon

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