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Signups Open: May 17

Deadline: August 1


Main stage events and performances will be featured at the forefront of the con, on the official AetherCon Twitch live stream!   (

  • Examples for our previous main stage performances include The Songbirds, Gameshow Events, The G'raha Collective, Live theatre performances, DJ entertainment hosts, etc.

  • All performances need to be no more than 90 minutes in length, preferably 60 minutes shows (DJ's excluded).

  • These performances will be held in person on NA Data Centers.

Note that your entry may be used in future promotional material for AetherCon.

Warning: Performances must be in accordance with the Final Fantasy Material Usage License. As such, applications involving third party music within the game will be rejected. This does not include music streamed through Twitch or other sources.

Songbird Performances
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