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Fancy yourself an in-game photographer having mastered the ins and outs of gpose? Show us your skills in this contest!

Signups Open: July 12

Deadline: Sept. 1

Submission Rules

  • All screenshots must be taken using the in game gpose system with no mods, this includes external filters (such as GShade), custom poses and editing (such as photoshopping)

  • You are only allowed to submit one screenshot

  • Be creative with your submissions! Have a favorite moment from the MSQ you want to create? Maybe a glamour to show off? Go for it!

  • Group submissions are okay! Just please note your prize will only be given to the player who submitted the entry

  • These screenshots must specifically be taken for LunarCon, please do not use ones you have taken in the past

  • Only enter once

  • All entries are finalized

  • Note that your entry may be used in future promotional material for AetherCon

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