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Venue Sign Up

Want to pitch in to help make this year's AetherCon bigger than ever before?

Venue Sign Up

We're seeking venues and housing plots to host our events! But we're also looking for venues to feature that will be open during AetherCon's hours that wouldn't mind convention go-ers coming by to experience them. 

  • Crystal DC venues only for plots that are looking to be used for our events

  • Any NA DC venue for those looking to be featured

  • For any plots being used for our events, you must be okay with our team going in to decorate them

  • Access to the plot must be provided at least 2 weeks before

  • Examples of what we'd use it for include: panel rooms, meetup locations, main stage events and contests

If you move plots after applying to contribute a plot, please let us know and reapply ASAP.


Deadline: Sept. 1

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