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Please note that all commissions and communication are done through Discord with the artists.

Signups Open: May 17

Deadline: August 1

Artist Alley

By submitting an application through the form below, you agree that you have read and accepted the rules. The selection process will be lottery based with a vetting process to make sure those selected are following the rules.

Accepted forms of art/artists:

  • Digital art

  • Traditional art

  • Inspired items such as candles or soaps.

  • Physical items such as charms, pins, etc.

  • Cosplay items

Unaccepted forms of art/artists:

  • Screenshot tracing and or editing

  • Tracing other artist's work

  • NFTs

  • AI generated images

Violation of unaccepted forms of art being found to be posted by you on your social media or in your portfolio is grounds for a rejected application, regardless of the lottery system.

Changing your social media handles, email, or making your profiles private before con may also disqualify you if selected in the lottery. If we cannot find you or contact you, neither will any of our attendees.

Mature artists are allowed to participate but any artwork you submit to be displayed on our website or streams MUST BE SFW. AetherCon is a 13+ event.

AetherCon is a 100% free event to attend. Even if you get selected for the alley, we do not collect any funds from you for your spot. 

Pictomancer Brush
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