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Signups Open: July 12

Deadline: Sept. 1


Sign up to join one of the 16 teams that will be participating in AetherCon's Crystal Conflict Tournament!

This will be held over 3 days at the following times:

Sept. 27 from 5PM - 8:30PM EST

Sept 28 from 5PM - 8:30PM EST

Sept 29 from 5PM - 7:45PM EST

Players of all skill levels are allowed to register for the tournament! Accepted applicants will be randomized into teams based on their Seasonal ranking and jobs of choice.

The event will be streamed at: aethercon_official3 and aetherconcon_official4

Shout casters for the event will include Brian Ricardo, Kougaon, Soxforrow, Rook, Vivian and Frosty.

Gathering area: Crystal Datacenter on Brynhildr Wolves Den Pier!

Good luck and have fun!

Please make sure to join the AetherCon discord after signing up if you aren't already in it for announcements!

PVP Gathering
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